ASKA - Speed riding - 2011 2012 Season  

For the season 2011/2012, ASKA offer a complete range of products to please every rider out there. 

New range 2012 -  Aska A²  - Available in 8, 10, 12 and 14 sqm. More info

This wing will be your best friend all along your progression, from just out of school rider to competitor. You'll find the best size for you whatever your weight may be.

Range A10 - Aska A10 - Available in 12 and 14 m² More info

The schools loved the big sizes of the last season, because of their stability, the fact that they are really easy to handle helping beginners to learn speedriding. So we kept them for this season.

Aska A² - 12 m²

Aska A10 - 12sqm

Aska credo

All the Aska wings, be it the A² or the A10, are designed to be stable in rolling as well as in pitching, dampened and solid, with the best behaviour possible even in the roughest weather conditions.

Trying Aska wings

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