The ASKABOARD "is a Light Wind Flex Allround Directional Custom Board"

It is just the first one of its new class bringing you the ultimate choice to ride,
fly and surf in extrreme light winds.

Light wind:
The askaboard will really start much earlier compared to your usual board, its ability is at the level or best than the toughest light wind machines.

But the ASKABOARD brings you more: When the wind will rise up, you won't bring this board back to the beach because you'll love it,
it is lightweight, incredibly comfortable and playful,it still has many surprises in these conditions.

I also use it in strong and gusty winds with a smaller kite, it can really turn a bad day in an unforgettable session,
erasing chop and lulls .

Flex It has a very high number of advantages, just give you some:

        - Planing/surfing: Two enemies who never go well together and you'll never find this combination with any stiff and
           traditionnal directional board on the market.

       You'll find a Race scoop under your Askaboard with concave and no lift that is the only way ton give you a quick start
       to planing and excellent upwind abilities; but as soon as you decide to get into a powered curve, the body weight acts
       on the rail(snowboard, skis and even your Twin-tip use this flex, this is not new) and turns your ASKABOARD into a
       surf with something more, the posibility to send you back to the other rail when releasing the pressure, a light wind
       board has never been so radical!

        - Comfort: Dissipation of most shock waves through the flex, Askaboard slides at the water surface with a unique feeling,
           you'll be surprised that it can be a crucial aspect to choose this board ..

        - Strength: A traditional and thick kite surfboard requires a heavier construction to prevent breakage, the stiffness is not            synonymous with strength, but quite the opposite ( The oak and the reed of La Fontaine), flex "absorbs" before breaking
           the board but also protects your knees, your back and your neck, but also allows a lighter construction without taking
           any risk to your board and to yourself.

Allround Directional : Efficient upwind and fluid on choppy water, flexboards doesn't need  large or huge fins (see the big
lightwind TTs ) and the quad (4 fins) does the rest, upwind is not, for some degrees,  that one of a raceboard , but a raceboard
is only for racing , not at all for anything else the ASKABOARD can do.

       ASKABOARD "pop" combines the  mixed use of flex and of four 9-cm G10 fins, nail your landings have never been so easy
       with a directional due to the medium fins surface and  forgiving flex , when riding full speed, the board nose won't bounce
       up and down , a slight concave and this flex will make you ride in a first class limo!

       Two straps configuration: Because you don't have to push too hard on the inside rail to go upwind (no lift on the tail, flex and        concave ), because in frontside surfing or in toeside riding it's a huge advantage to push on your toeside rail as close as it
       can be. When jibing, 10 cm more to get your foot in the strap is only a question of one or two sessions to get it.

       The general outline, a mix between a fish and a mini malibu downscaled to 5'7" gives you the opportunity to succeed in jibing        very fast, fat rails, surfboard style kiteboards doesn't help at all, you'll only get the feeling to stand on something like a tree        trunk...

Made in France Custom building: We chose to manufacture this historical first board of ASKA-Sports in a French factory specialized in producing technical parts made of composite materials used in the field of Aeronautics, Sports & Entertainment
Hi-tech Industry. It's only because we wanted the best! Quality is at level of a very rigorous building process that is usual for this company, communication is easy and fast, collaboration is very rewarding and we are offered an advanced technical equipment.

       The ASKABOARDS will be the perfect clones in terms of outline, flex and weight from the last hand-shaped Prototype ;
       digital 3-D shape of a full Airex core, this time by a  machine will assure you to get the same board just as coming out
       from a shaper workshop.
       An ASKA specicific designed  thick monopad will give extra comfort and style to your board.

You'll get more pleasure with ASKA.